Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the project owner?

There are two owners that operate Project Segfault, Midou and Mrlerien. A list of the people involved and their positions can be found on our members page.

What’s the backstory to Project Segfault?

We have a rather interesting backstory, if I do say so myself. Click here to see a timeline of things that happened in Project Segfault’s history.

One of your services contains toxic people!

You can contact us by mail or Matrix and we can figure this out with you. But we recommend that you put most of these requests in our support channel at on Matrix. If it’s something personal, just say that you have a report against someone on one of our services and you’d like to be contacted by an admin and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. We generally tend to be active throughout the day.

How can I trust your services?

Well, you really can’t. We don’t make our logs or anything else public, however, if you would like access to the data we have on you, please contact us. If you’re extremely privacy/security conscious, you are allowed to use Tor on our services, but we don’t host any .onion links.

Which ways do you prefer to communicate?

Look at Contact.