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RIP Soleil | US Node down

Update: we are moving most soleil stuff to India Node, and we are recommisioning the macbook (IN02) to facilitate the same

UPDATE 7: (Important): Matrix ( and Dendrite IN ( are back up temporarily to allow you to export your data and move permissions, it will stay up for around 2 weeks (or more if it's feasible), please migrate to another homeserver asap. Matrix ( will become a simple server to host our official  matrix rooms (with only the staff accounts in there). This has to be done due to how big matrix was for our capacity. We apologize for the massive inconvenience we caused all of sudden, we'll evaluate adding new services more critically and make sure this situation doesn't ever happen again.

UPDATE 6: We have decided to discontinue some services in order to facilitate the running of the other services stably:
- Matrix (more information about it above)
- LibreTranslate (it was basically only used with our simplytranslate instance and even then didn't have much usage, but uses up a lot of CPU)
- Akkoma (basically only admins use it, and it takes up too much CPU for what it does)
- Nextcloud (we don't have so much storage anymore like we used to, plus it was only there for like 3 days, so nothing lost :P)
- Plausible (basically only our site uses it, but takes up a lot of CPU)

## US Node down.

Due to our (in)competence in managing traffic, racknerd shut down our vps for reaching the bandwidth limit offered (12TB). We will maybe buy extra bandwidth and regulate traffic strictly from now on. Please use IN or LU in the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience.


change of plans, i'll just fully retire Soleil Levant. it fucks me up mentally and financially and i don't feel like spending another sleepless night trying to get the server up when the most likely situation is that the entire RAID array is fucked and i'd need to replace every single disk + get an HBA for ZFS since i cant flash the raid card.
i know it's not the outcome you guys wanted but i need to focus on my health, sorry again
we'll make a blog post when everybody will be online and everything we want to back up is backed up but yeah.

Created - 2023-09-10 18:17:09 Updated - 2023-09-22 10:58:51 UTC