Donate to Project Segfault

The ways you can donate to us and more.

Reasons to donate to our project.

If you donate, we will be more motivated to work on the server and host more stuff and maybe even get more hardware. As well as that, we may donate PayPal funds to project we heavily rely on. Thanks!

Donation methods

Credit card



You can use our domain name as a crypto wallet address in supported OpenAlias clients such as MyMonero, Electrum and Electrum-LTC.


Address: 47L7Qsto7XcifY3CdG18ySe5Tt83kpFLDLve9jQwbc9taPBLNGv6ZrJNUKpMG9Nj9zHgCZ4FQMSyt75e8Jvx12JFLtJyFdA
Monero QR code


Address: bc1qrc8ywgp95a6p3zausp4nff70qzstp6h8z86sxd
Bitcoin QR code


Address: ltc1qn3ald586h2ntt0n3zkvwsmju2e5vndgtvvgatj
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You can find all of our financial reports on our transparency repository on Gitea.