Terms of service

  1. Do not use our services to (D)DOS or attempt to disrupt someone else’s online stability.
  2. Do not use our services to dox someone.
  3. Do not do anything on our services that would be illegal in the USA, Netherlands, and India. (Example: CSAM, Loli, Drugs etc...)
  4. Do not harass people using our services.
  5. While we do try to keep your data safe, you have to acknowledge that we are not responsible if anything unintentional happens (such as data loss, inability to extract your data due to the server being down or something else.). It is also your responsibility to keep a backup of your data if it matters to you.
  6. The services provided by Project Segfault are provided as is. We do not warrant the reliability, accessibility or quality of our services and we are not responsible for ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER by using our services.

If you fail to comply with these terms we will terminate your access to our services and if you've done something illegal, report you to the police.

We will only report people to the police if they are using our services to do something that is morally unacceptable. We will do so without issuing any warnings.