New VPS bought!
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Well, to tell you why, you can read our blog post here. It perfectly explains our need for a new VPS.

Cool, what did you guys get?

We got ourselves a KVM slice from BuyVM. Specifically, the 1024 slice. This is superior to the old VPS we had because:

  • More storage (we kept running out of storage)
  • Unmetered, 1000mbps internet connection (smoother connection for you all)
  • Better performance (Heberginity took at least 5 seconds to get into SSH. Unbearable)
  • More independent (we're a big fan of that)

So... why the pizza?


Because our good team member Devnol suggested it because it was a KVM slice. The VPS will be called Pizza1.

How'd you get it?

Thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous person (Monero is very private), we were able to get the new VPS.

You are able to see fees and everything here.


We are in the progress of migrating everything from the old VPS to this VPS. This might take a while, but you shouldn't notice much other than a bit of downtime, but it'll be worth it in the end.


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